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Wpisany przez Dawid Niemiec   
poniedziałek, 16 kwietnia 2018 16:07


Serdecznie zapraszamy na seminarium instytutowe, które odbędzie się w dniu 16 kwietnia 2018 roku o godzinie 11:30 w sali nr 7 przy Audytorium Wschodnim. Referat pt.:


"Droplets with particles: physical mechanisms for particle assembly"


wygłosi dr Zbigniew Rozynek z Zakładu Akustyki Molekularnej. Talk will be given in English if requested from the audience.


Controlled structuring of particles on droplet surfaces and inside drops holds promise for many practical applications, including synthesis of functional materials. In my talk, I will demonstrate and explain how oil droplets behave when subjected to external electric fields and ultrasound waves. Especially how electrohydrodynamic, electrorheological effects, and ultrasonic radiation force in such droplets can be used to structure and dynamically control colloidal and granular particle assemblies inside a droplet or at drop interfaces. This includes electric-field-assisted convective assembly of jammed colloidal “ribbons”, electrorheological colloidal chains confined to a twodimensional surface, spinning colloidal domains, and particle discs forming columnar phases. I will also present different approaches to fabricating homogenous and patchy particle shells and capsules, as well as the results of our experimental investigation on mechanical properties of such structures.



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